Iraq-Syria civil war challenges both US and Iran

Soldiersource: The Nation
published: 11 June 2014

By now it’s clear that the civil wars in Syria and Iraq are one.

Both battles are complex, but as they have intensified over the past several years both have taken on an increasingly sectarian character, pitting rebel Sunni forces against entrenched Shiite and Alawite governments in Baghdad and Damascus.

And because no compromise solution seems in sight in either case, radicals and extremists have gained the upper hand, with a network of Sunni Islamists either allied with Al Qaeda or representing Al Qaeda spinoffs, perhaps even more radical than Al Qaeda itself.

Indeed, the group leading the battle in Iraq—which actually began in Iraq, first as Al Qaeda in Iraq and then as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)—is more militant than the Pakistan/Afghanistan-based organization,

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Mark Duggan inquest shows we need better relations between police and community

Police vs People originally by: Huff Post
published: 9 January 2014

In the summer of 2011 the death of Mark Duggan was like a blue touch paper that lit the flame of urban insurrection all around the country. It quickly deteriorated into mere ‘copy cat’ rioting. But the anger about the death of Mark Duggan was never just about the man himself.

It was about long standing issues between communities and the police. So anger about this week’s verdict of “lawful killing” is about so much more than the technicalities of the case.

One of the biggest issues that inflame relationships between the community and the police is the abuse of ‘stop and search’.

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Grandmother of Aiyana: 'It's time for us to stand up'

originally by:
published: 11 April 2012

The grandmother of a girl killed in a Detroit Police raid two years ago made a rare public appearance Tuesday night, asking for continued support for her family.

In the summer of 2010, Mertilla Jones was one of the many faces of the Aiyana Jones shooting. Police stormed her eastside home searching for a suspect in an earlier shooting, accidentally shooting six-year-old Aiyana Jones in the process.

What Mertilla Jones did that night was unclear at the time of the shooting. Police said she was involved in a scuffle with an officer, leading to her arrest. She was later released, but said at the time she had no contact with any officers and said they were lying.

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