The allegations against MI6 are serious – so why aren’t they front page news?

Houses of Parliamentsource:
published: 16 December 2014

The growing row over British security services’ possible involvement in the CIA torture programme is starting to fill a few column inches. Slowly but surely, parliamentarians are feeling the pressure to investigate it fully.

What’s surprising is that it’s this story which has put the security services in the papers. It’s a speck on the horizon compared to what MI6 are alleged to have been up to in 2014. There have been several scandals which have barely been explored by the British media. It raises the question – are our spooks’ transgressions only newsworthy when editors can’t help but cover them?

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Fully secret terror trial blocked by Court of Appeal

Legal Matterssource: BBC News 
published: 12 June 2014

An unprecedented attempt to hold the first ever completely secret criminal trial in the UK has been blocked by the Court of Appeal. Judges said that the “core” of the terrorism trial could be partly heard in secret but parts must be in public.

They said media also should be allowed to name the two defendants as Erol Incedal and Mounir Rarmoul-Bouhadjar.

Prosecutors said their unique application for a secret trial was in the interests of national security.

They had previously warned that they may have to abandon the prosecution if judges did not ban the press and the public from every part of the proceedings against the two defendants.

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Medomsley Centre inquiry: Claims prison officers routinely raped hundreds of boys

Medomsley Detention Centreoriginally by: Mirror Online
published: 14 August 2013

Claims a ring of violent paedophile prison officers routinely raped hundreds of teenage boys in a borstal are finally being investigated – after an alleged police cover-up.

Senior officers have launched a major inquiry into the horrific sex abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre, County Durham, after complaints were ignored by police or dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service.

One brave victim, who has waived his right to anonymity, said: “I was raped every single day.”

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