Ruth Ellis to be remembered in Hampstead museum’s makeover

Ruth Ellis
Ruth Ellis

source: Camden New Journal
published: 19 January 2018

Plans for a major revamp of the Hampstead Museum at Burgh House are under way to celebrate the 40th anniversary in 2019 of the Grade I historic Queen Anne mansion being saved from being sold off by Labour-controlled Camden Council.

But it will mean the launch – and success of – a fundraising drive to cover the estimated £100,000 cost of the enterprise, which will result in the museum’s permanent collection no longer being based in a chronological order over past centuries.

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Family Remember Kingsley four years after his tragic death

Kingsley Burrell
Kingsley Burrell

Provided by: Kadisha Brown-Burrell
published: 31 March 2015

Today marks Kingsley’s Fourth year anniversary since his untimely death and I want to honour his memory by saying how Kingsley was a loving kind brother who loved his children dearly. Kingsley should never have died in the way that he did and I will not give up the fight to find out the truth into how he died despite the odds stacked up against us.

Severn days from now the Inquest into Kingsley’s death will begin and I am appealing to the public the importance of next week’s Inquest set for Tuesday 7th April until 15th May.

I am listed first to give my account and evidence as litigate in person as I am not represented by a solicitor or barrister because of the legal aid system here in this country, especially when it comes to Death in Custody! However my position on the day will be to tell the coroner, jury and public at large what I know and provide the evidence which was kept in my possession for over four years to tell my deceased brothers account, in order to assist the jury in their decision making.

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Britons mark death anniversary of Duggan

Mark Dugganall credits: PressTV
published: 5 August 2014

They assembled in the shadows of Mark Duggan’s old neighborhood to march to the spot where the father-of-six was killed by the bullets from the gun of a Metropolitan Police office on August 4, 2011.

Duggan family and friends were joined by other campaign groups, including Justice for Sean Rigg. Despite a public inquest that declared Duggan’s death ‘lawful’, his supporters remain unsatisfied with the verdict.

The past three years have been frustrating ones for MD supporters who during their quest for justice found that the name and reputation of their son, father neighbor, brother smeared by the authorities and now they say despite the arduous nature of the journey the struggle for justice will continue whatever the cost.

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