Britain is failing young people [detained] in custody

Domiciliary Prison

source: The Guardian
published: 17 August 2017

The neglect of young people represents state-sanctioned child abuse, argue Deborah Coles, Prof Joe Sim and Prof Steve Tombs from INQUEST.

INQUEST’s work with bereaved families has consistently revealed a litany of systemic neglect, violence, institutional complacency and short-sighted policies which contribute to the deaths and harm of children and young people (Report on Northants children’s prison finds rise in violent incidents, 9 August).

These deaths are the most extreme outcome of a system that fails some of society’s most disadvantaged children and young people.

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UK watchdog criticises treatment of deportees on charter flights

Jimmy Mubenga
Jimmy Mubenga : Protesters

source: The Guardian
published: 6 July 2017

The enforced removal of some people from Britain on escorted chartered flights falls short of humane treatment, with some leaving the country in waist restraint belts or leg restraints almost as a default, according to an official watchdog.

The first annual report from the independent monitoring board covering charter flight deportations says that people being deported were generally treated fairly on Home Office charter flights but some aspects of their enforced removal fell short of providing basic dignity.

The board’s report on removals in 2016 highlighted the use of force or restraint, which in some cases “appears to be a hasty reaction to a mild statement to the escorts of unwillingness to leave”.

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ACLU sues South Carolina for jailing people too poor to pay court fines

Domiciliary Prison

source: Daily KOS
published: 2 June 2017

America does an excellent job at shaming its poor people. Sure, there are state and federal programs that exist to help them. And in this way, we can pat ourselves on the back and make ourselves feel better about our supposed sense of charity.

But look below the surface and you will also see a consistent pattern of policies that are designed to stigmatize and punish the impoverished for their condition.

Recently in Wisconsin, the state’s budget committee approved a plan to drug test Medicaid recipients, despite zero evidence existing that those who receive public benefits use drugs.

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