Will isolating Islamic extremists in UK prisons stop radicalisation?

Domiciliary Prisonsource: Prison Watch UK
published: 8 September 2016

The British tabloid press has recently been alive with headlines of self-styled emirs, hate-preaching imams and jihadi books in prisons. Their ire only increased when radical preacher Anjem Choudary was convicted of swearing allegiance to Islamic State.

The government has responded by announcing a new strategy whereby the most dangerous extremists are to be isolated within high-security “prisons within prisons” to stop them from radicalising others.

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British woman on death row who claims innocence will not get new trial

Linda Carty
Linda Carty

source: METRO
published: 3 September 2016

A British woman sentenced to death in 2002 will not get a retrial, a Texas judge has ruled.

Linda Carty was convicted of the kidnapping and murder of her neighbour, Joana Rodriguez, more than a decade ago, but maintains her innocence.

Carty, who was a former informant for the Drug Enforcement Agency, was found to have orchestrated the kidnapping with three men, and was convicted under the Texas ‘law of parties’, a rule which states that a person is criminally liable if they ‘solicit, encourage, direct, aid, or attempt to aid the other person to commit the offence.’

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Undercover police officers spy on children, and then demand privacy

Undercover Hidingsource: The Canary
published: 23 March 2016

The Undercover Policing Inquiry, chaired by Lord Justice Pitchford, resumed this week with legal arguments being made by the police which, if implemented, would essentially mean most of the inquiry being held in secret.

Central to their position is a continuation of the policy of neither confirming nor denying (NCND) whether a person was an undercover officer.

However, whilst the lawyers for the police have been arguing that revealing the identities of officers would infringe their Article 8 right to privacy and family life, The Canary can reveal that police officers have been recording details of activists’ young children.

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