London Supreme Court to hear case for inquiry into Pat Finucane murder

Pat Finucane
Pat Finucane

source: The Irish Times
published: 26 July 2017

Murdered Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane’s widow Geraldine has been granted permission to take a case to the London Supreme Court seeking a full public inquiry into the 1989 killing.

Her Belfast solicitors, Madden and Finucane said on Wednesday evening that a committee of Supreme Court Justices granted Ms Finucane permission to appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal that former British prime minister David Cameron was justified in reneging on a commitment given to the Finucane family, and to the Irish Government, that it would hold a public inquiry into the circumstances of Mr Finucane’s murder.

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Birmingham pub bombings: Families lawyers granted legal aid

Legal Gavel

source: BBC News
published: 4 May 2017

Lawyers acting for eight families of victims of the Birmingham pub bombings say they have been offered legal aid funding.

The government had previously intervened to remove legal barriers that had barred the Northern Ireland-based firm from applying for funding.

The Legal Aid Agency confirmed the decision on Wednesday.

Inquests into the deaths of the 21 people killed by the IRA in November 1974 are due to resume later this year.

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Scotland Yard ‘face multi-million payout over botched murder investigation’

Daniel Morgan

source: Evening Standard
published: 9 December 2016

Scotland Yard may be forced to payout millions of pounds to former suspects following a botched investigation after a man was killed with an axe in south-east London, it has emerged.

Private detective Daniel Morgan was found with the weapon lodged in his head in the car park of a pub, in Sydenham, in 1987 after meeting his business partner Jonathan Rees for a drink.

The 30-year-old case has been plagued by a series of failed inquiries which have reportedly already cost the tax payer over £50 million. In April 2008 a group of men, including Mr Rees, were arrested over Mr Morgan’s murder.

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