Tamir Rice shooting: Cleveland to settle with $6M

Tamir Rice
Tamir Rice

source: CNN.com
published: 26 April 2016

The city of Cleveland will pay $6 million to settle the federal lawsuit filed by the family of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy killed by police gunfire in November 2014, according to a settlement announced Monday in U.S. District Court.

According to terms of the settlement, the city acknowledges no fault in Tamir’s death, which came after a 911 caller told of someone in a city park brandishing what appeared to be a toy gun.

Officer Timothy Loehmann, a trainee, shot Tamir moments after arriving in response to the call. Police said the boy was pulling out what was later found to be a toy gun when he was shot.

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We need to talk about police brutality in the UK

Sean Rigg restrained by Metropolitan police officers
Sean Rigg died under restraint by Metropolitan police officers

source: The Fader
published: 29 March 2016

1500 And Counting‘ – The abuse of black British people by police is often overlooked, but a new film is set to break the silence.

On 11 January 2016, Sarah Reed, a vulnerable 32-year-old woman suffering with mental health issues, was found dead in her cell in north London’s Holloway prison, where she was on remand awaiting trial.

Throughout her life, she had been a victim of failings by the British state: in October 2012, she reported being sexually assaulted while being detained under the Mental Health Act, and in November 2012 she was ruthlessly beaten up by a police officer, with the attack caught on camera.

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Public inquiry into GMP shooting of Anthony Grainger

Anthony Grainger
Anthony Grainger

source: ITV News
published: 17 March 2016

It’s four years since Anthony Grainger was shot dead by a police marksman in a car park in Warrington. Today his family won a public inquiry to find out exactly what happened that day.

It will focus on the events leading up to the unarmed father of two being shot by a Greater Manchester Police officer. His family and friends have always been highly critical of the police operation and subsequent court cases.

But this afternoon, the Home Secretary, Theresa May said every detail of his case can now be examined.

Marina Schofield says it’s in the public’s interest to know what happened that night;

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