Petition: Increase the funding for mental health issues in the UK

Mental Health - Girl in distresssource:
published: July 2014

There are far too many suicides of young people in our community. My own daughter Kesia Leatherbarrow took her own life aged 17 in December 2013, after being completely let down by the mental health services despite her desperate need for help.

Since then there have been an alarming number of young people taking their own lives due to inadequate mental health provision in the UK.

In 2014 Deborah’s beautiful son Tyler Smith died after falling from a viaduct aged 19, whilst suffering a mental health crisis.

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Undercover police officers spy on children, and then demand privacy

Undercover Hidingsource: The Canary
published: 23 March 2016

The Undercover Policing Inquiry, chaired by Lord Justice Pitchford, resumed this week with legal arguments being made by the police which, if implemented, would essentially mean most of the inquiry being held in secret.

Central to their position is a continuation of the policy of neither confirming nor denying (NCND) whether a person was an undercover officer.

However, whilst the lawyers for the police have been arguing that revealing the identities of officers would infringe their Article 8 right to privacy and family life, The Canary can reveal that police officers have been recording details of activists’ young children.

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Government ignore pleas to ringfence money for minority ethnic females suffering abuse

Parliament of Big Ben - Image Credit Free Range Stock - Jack Morehsource: The Independent
published: 27 February 2016

The Government will ignore pleas to ringfence money for black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) women and girls who have suffered violence when it unveils an updated domestic abuse strategy next month.

Theresa May was widely praised for introducing the Violence Against Women and Girls strategy in 2010. But campaigners have asked officials now to guarantee central government funding of around £10m to protect financially struggling organisations specialising in issues involving women from minority backgrounds. They advise on issues such as female genital mutilation and offer an Islamic perspective on a woman’s right to divorce if she is being beaten.

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