Stan Douglas: Why I restaged the London riots

Fire Burning Buildingsource: The Guardian
published: 25 October 2017

“So how much of your work is really documenting the ineptitude of the police?” Stan Douglas is laughing at my question without completely avoiding it. “Well, the work can’t conceal the points at which they are out of their depth,” he says.

We’re sitting in the Victoria Miro gallery in Mayfair, London, talking over the sounds of drilling as the artist’s latest large-scale works are secured to the wall next door.

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Pastors hope movie sparks racial reconciliation

Trayvon Martin
Trayvon Martin

source: Orlando Sentinel
published: 31 December 2014

Black and white pastors are hoping the movie Selma will renew efforts toward racial reconciliation in Sanford that started with the death of Trayvon Martin.

Northland Church Pastor Joel Hunter and Calvary Temple of Praise Pastor Paul Wright say the film, which opens Jan. 9, can restart discussions on the unfinished business of the civil rights movement for blacks and whites.

“What I want to do as a white pastor is to continue to be part of the civil rights movement. This movie gives us a chance to re-engage with each other,” Hunter said.

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Film queries briton’s murder role

Fingerprint Softwaresource: Mail Online
published: 13 July 2014

A new documentary produced by Hollywood legend Robert Redford and narrated by Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon is to question the US murder conviction of a British businessman.

An edition of Death Row Stories about former self-made millionaire Krishna Maharaj, 75, who was jailed in 1987 for a double murder in Miami, [was aired] on network CNN in the US [ on 13 July 2014].

Maharaj, once the second biggest racehorse owner in the UK, has always denied killing Derrick and Duane Moo Young in the Florida city’s Dupont Plaza hotel in 1986.

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