New Tamir Rice petition calls for new grand jury on officers’ conduct

Tamir Rice
Tamir Rice

published: 27 May 2016

Activists have created a new petition in the name of Tamir Rice, this time asking Cuyahoga County’s Democratic nominee for prosecutor to press on with a criminal case against two police officers involved in the 12-year-old’s shooting death.

The petition asks Michael O’Malley, who is running unopposed in the November general election, to expose transcripts of grand jury proceedings from the investigation into Tamir’s death.

O’Malley beat incumbent prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty in a primary election that analysts believe was influenced by McGinty’s decision not to recommend criminal indictments against the two officers involved in the Nov. 22, 2014 shooting outside Cudell Recreation Center.

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Petition: Increase the funding for mental health issues in the UK

Mental Health - Girl in distresssource:
published: July 2014

There are far too many suicides of young people in our community. My own daughter Kesia Leatherbarrow took her own life aged 17 in December 2013, after being completely let down by the mental health services despite her desperate need for help.

Since then there have been an alarming number of young people taking their own lives due to inadequate mental health provision in the UK.

In 2014 Deborah’s beautiful son Tyler Smith died after falling from a viaduct aged 19, whilst suffering a mental health crisis.

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Khadija Shah and baby held in notorious jail

Khadija Shahsource: Reprieve
published: 2014

27-year-old Khadija Shah and her baby daughter Malaika are currently being held in the notorious Adiala jail in Pakistan. Khadija is from Birmingham, and was heavily pregnant when she was arrested for alleged drug offences in May 2012.

After Reprieve took up her case, Khadija was spared a death sentence, but she and baby Malaika remain behind bars.

“Khadija was asked to carry the bags by the person she thought was her boyfriend, a British national, and who brought her to Pakistan, and she has given the authorities his details. The anti-narcotics force seems only interested in picking up the carriers – women and children – and it isn’t going after the big fish.”
Shahzad Akbar, Reprieve Fellow and Khadija’s lawyer

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