Scotland Yard ‘face multi-million payout over botched murder investigation’

Daniel Morgan

source: Evening Standard
published: 9 December 2016

Scotland Yard may be forced to payout millions of pounds to former suspects following a botched investigation after a man was killed with an axe in south-east London, it has emerged.

Private detective Daniel Morgan was found with the weapon lodged in his head in the car park of a pub, in Sydenham, in 1987 after meeting his business partner Jonathan Rees for a drink.

The 30-year-old case has been plagued by a series of failed inquiries which have reportedly already cost the tax payer over £50 million. In April 2008 a group of men, including Mr Rees, were arrested over Mr Morgan’s murder.

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Eric Garner’s family urges AG Loretta Lynch to finish killer-cop probe

Eric Garner
Eric Garner

source: NY Daily News
published: 24 November 2016

The family of police choke victim Eric Garner Thursday urged Attorney General Loretta Lynch to complete the Justice Department’s investigation into his death before she leaves office in January.

At a special holiday charity event, Garner’s children joined elected officials and community leaders in their call for federal indictments against the officers involved in the July 17, 2014 death of Garner, which was ruled a homicide after his arrest on a Staten Island street.

The family remains frustrated over failed efforts to bring criminal charges against any of the cops, especially Officer Daniel Pantaleo who was accused of taking Garner down with a chokehold that was banned by the department.

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‘Excited Delirium’ blamed for deaths in police custody

Cases Adult UK - Police & Restraintall credits: Buzz Feed
published: 29 October 2016

During the summer of 2011, 25-year-old Jacob Michael died after being restrained by 11 police officers outside his home. Just 45 minutes prior to his death he had dialled 999 saying he feared for his life.

Witnesses saw Michael being repeatedly hit with police batons, moments after two officers from Cheshire constabulary released pepper spray into his face, the BBC reported. CCTV footage showed officers holding Michael down on the floor. There was evidence that he had broken ribs and a torn liver.

An inquest into his death concluded that Michael died from cocaine-induced “excited delirium” – a controversial medical condition you probably haven’t heard of.

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