IPCC investigates claim police spied on Alder family after death

Christopher Alderoriginally by: The Guardian
published: 26 July 2013

Police are to be investigated over allegations that they placed under “improper” surveillance the sister of ex-paratrooper Christopher Alder, who died on the floor of a police station.

Janet Alder has spent years campaigning to find the truth behind one of the most controversial deaths in police custody. Her barrister is also alleged to have been put under surveillance, raising questions over the ethics of police monitoring of lawyers.

The espionage is alleged to have happened at the time of the inquest that found Christopher had been unlawfully killed in April 1998.

CCTV footage showed the 37-year-old father-of-two gasping for breath as officers chatted and joked around him. The film showed that while he was fighting for his life, he received no help from five officers, who believed that he was play-acting.

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26 July 2013