IPCC concludes Met Police failing to deal with race complaints

IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commissionoriginally by: IPCC
published: 17 July 2013

A report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), based on an analysis of race complaints dealt with by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), has concluded that in general these complaints were not handled in a sufficiently robust, fair or customer-focused way.

It calls for a cultural change in the way the MPS deals with such complaints, supported by training, monitoring and community feedback.

In April last year, following several high profile race related incidents, the IPCC announced it would conduct a review of how the force which is responsible for policing the UK’s most diverse city handled this kind of complaint.

The review monitored more than 60 referrals made by the MPS between 1 April and 31 May 2012. It also carried out a statistical analysis of all MPS racism complaints during 2011-12 and reviewed a sample of 20 of those complaints.

IPCC Commissioner Jennifer Izekor said:

“Race has been, and continues to be, a critical issue for the Metropolitan Police Service. So, the way that it deals with complaints about allegedly racist behaviour by police officers is crucial to public confidence in policing among London’s diverse communities”.

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