BART to assess police reforms since Oscar Grant shooting

Oscar Grant Jr originally by: NBC Bay Area
published: 19 Jun 2013

The BART police chief is bringing in a former chief to assess how reforms are coming along in the department. And by coincidence, it would appear, it’s all happening the same week the highly acclaimed movie on the shooting of Oscar Grant will be screened to a private audience in Oakland.

Attorney John Burris has represented the family of Oscar Grant, and other clients who’ve sued BART for police misconduct. He applauds BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey for bringing back former BART Chief Patrick Oliver for an assessment of police reforms in the three years Rainey has been chief.

“I think its a good idea. I think departments do not like examining themselves, certainly by outsiders,” Burris said. “You can become very insular and not really have the critical eye that’s needed.”

Oliver will look at 10 specific items, including the ones Burris considers most important: Training, use of force, biased based policing, internal affairs and discipline.

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