Gilfoyle campaigners launch 'catalogue of errors' booklet

Eddie Gilfoyle

originally by: BBC News  
published: 6 December 2012

Campaigners say he would not have been convicted if Merseyside Police had not withheld evidence for 16 years. The booklet was launched at an event hosted by Lord Hunt of Wirral.

Mr Gilfoyle’s sister, Susan Caddick, said: “The case that was put to the jury was a fairytale; it bears no resemblance to the evidence that we have brought out.”

The jury was told Paula Gilfoyle was happy and would not have committed suicide – despite a suicide note written in her hand being found after her death.

Mr Gilfoyle was convicted in 1993, after the prosecution claimed he had made his wife’s death look like a suicide by forcing her to write a note. He lost two appeals, in 1995 and 2000.

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