Habib Ullah case features on Panorama

by: Bucks Free Press
published: 22nd Nov 2012

A Panorama investigation has raised concerns about a police watchdog’s probe into the death of Habib Ullah – who suffered a cardiac arrest during a ‘stop-and-search’ in High Wycombe in 2008. The dad-of-three died after being restrained by police officers who were trying to force a package of drugs out of his mouth in Sharrow Vale.

An initial investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission cleared the police of wrong-doing.

But Monday night’s BBC programme raised concerns over this inquiry, highlighting an email sent by Deborah Glass, the deputy chair of the IPCC, which appeared to warn against treating the police as possible suspects.

Though the watchdog had powers to seek to interview the officers under misconduct or criminal caution, Ms Glass was reported to have told the lead investigator: “They (the police) have been very co-operative to date on the basis that the IPCC has treated them as witnesses.”

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