Milton Hall Shooting: Saginaw residents seek answers

by: Huffington Post
published: August 2012

Police in Michigan repeatedly shot a mentally ill man in a parking lot as traffic passed in broad daylight. Weeks later, his family and others in Saginaw are still waiting for an explanation of why officers chose to use deadly force.

They have become angrier since the release of video that shows Milton Hall collapsing in a hail of gunfire on July 1. The video, taken on a witness’s cellphone the day of the shooting and later obtained and aired by CNN, shows police confronting Hall in a parking lot of a shopping center and ordering him to drop a knife. It’s not clear if he followed the order.

The confrontation happened during the day, and the video shows cars going by on a busy street as police open fire. Hall’s mother said Tuesday that she won’t watch it.

“It’s very hard to understand,” said Jewel Hall, of Rio Rancho, N.M. “It’s barbaric, unbelievable.”

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  1. What happened to this brother is just inhuman, pure and simple. There was no need to use such over-the-top force on a single man armed only with a knife and clearly in a state of distress… Shame on the police!

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