Chavis Carter footage released amid questions in alleged police car suicide

originally by: The Guardian  
published: 18 August 2012

Police footage taken from the night officers say a suspect in Arkansas managed to fatally shoot himself in the head – despite having his hands cuffed behind his back – has failed to remove questions over the incident. Chavis Carter died in the back of a patrol car on 28 July after being picked up in a traffic stop in Jonesboro during which drugs were discovered in the vehicle.

The 21-year-old black man had been searched twice by officers, but a handgun that officers say the suspect later used to shoot himself was not found. Questions have also been raised as to how the left-handed Carter was able to deliver a fatal shot to his right temple while in restraints.

On Friday, following a Freedom of Information Act request by multiple news organizations, police released footage of the immediate aftermath of Carter’s death.

They had earlier handed over a video taken before the suspect’s body was discovered. But that first video failed to provide any answers to the dead man’s family, who claim that he was killed by police.

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