New report shows three died after 'contact' with Merseyside Police

originally by: Wirral Globe
published: 9 July 2012

Three people died after “contact” with Merseyside Police, a report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission reveals. The nationwide annual review shows that a general trend of a reduction in these fatalities over the last eight years has continued.

The report records there were 18 police traffic fatalities, two fatal shootings, 15 deaths in or following custody, 39 apparent suicides following release from custody and 47 “other” deaths following police contact.

Two of the three Merseyside fatalities came within the category of “other”.

This covers a wide-range of incidents and includes deaths after police are called to attend a domestic incident; deaths while a person is attempting to evade arrest and deaths when police are helping medical staff restrain individuals not under arrest.

The third local fatality was an apparent suicide following custody.

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