A Personal Note From Debra Jean Milke

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published: 9 July 2012

Today Debra sent this personal note to all followers of her case, and supporters in her effort to find justice:

“The growing amount of support is extremely heartwarming and it means a great deal to me to know that so many of you out there care about truth and justice. I am deeply touched by the efforts of everyone who are trying to shed light on this unspeakably unjust case. There simply aren’t adequate words to express to you all how grateful I am.

I am comforted by the many thoughts of love and countless prayers sent my way through postcards, beautiful cards, and letters from around the world. The words of encouragement are so meaningful that they reinforce my strength.

It has been a long, arduous fight but innocent people don’t give up. Christopher’s spirits is with me always. He has been and continues to be my motivation to remain strong. The world is so cold and a place in which one has to fight for what’s right. My son’s murder is a profound personal tragedy that has left a searing pain in my soul. The grief is immeasurable and indescribable. I think of Christopher every single day. I love him with all my heart and I miss him terribly.

The legal tragedy I was subjected to affects all of us because, as citizens of the Unites States, we all live under the same Constitution. What happened to me could happen to anyone, as it has hundreds of times over so far. Injustice does not discriminate. Rotten prosecutors ignore the facts and the law, and know which judge wants to be re-elected on a platform of hang ‘em high.

While I continue to remain hopeful that the rational minds of the Appeal’s Court judges prevail, and they overturn my wrongful conviction, it is still unnerving wondering if I will be put to death for a crime I had no part in and for Mr. Saldate’s unscrupulous methods.

I send my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your belief in me, your compassion, generous support and moral sense of justice.

In Solidarity, Debra Milke

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One thought on “A Personal Note From Debra Jean Milke

  1. DEAREST DEBBIE!!! Hang tight, do NOT give up!!! There are SO many souls all over the world that are believing in your innocence!! We’re collecting petitions, we’re writing to the governor – we’re holding thumbs and all things that can be held to achieve your release this year 2013!! Since 2 decades I have followed your trials, talk shows on German TV – we will NOT let loose to get results – this CAN not happen, it is TOO outrageous!!! Feel loved, warmth, appreciation to a brave woman – ((hugs)) from Hamburg – Northern Germany – Ruth

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