Skinner Will Get DNA Testing: AG's office reverses course

originally by: The Austin Chronicle
published: 1 June 2012

With Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott finally on board, death row inmate Hank Skinner will finally get DNA testing he’s been requesting for more than a decade.

Today the AG’s office reversed its stance and has decided to agree to DNA testing of key evidence in the capital murder case against Hank Skinner, who was sentenced to die for the murder of his girlfriend Twila Busby and her two sons in the home they shared in Pampa.

The decision comes almost a exactly a month after Solicitor General Jonathan Mitchell argued before the Court of Criminal Appeals that Skinner should be denied the ability to test key evidence – including a bloody windbreaker stained with sweat with two hairs clinging to it that was found near Busby’s body.

The problem, Mitchell argued in part, was that to allow Skinner access to testing would only incentivize other defendants charged with capital murder to forgo evidence testing at trial in order to further post-conviction appeals.

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