Summer could come without Kingsley Burrell being buried

originally by: The Voice
published: 16 April 2012

It could be several more months before the family of Kingsley Burrell, who controversially died following police contact, get the go-ahead to bury him. Burrell’s sister Kadisha Brown-Burrell told The Voice her brother, who died on March 31 last year, is yet to be buried more than one year after his death.

The release of Kingsley’s body has been further delayed because police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), called in Dorset Police to investigate National Health Service (NHS) staff who were involved in the disturbance, which subsequently led to his death.

Brown-Burrell, who accused authorities of staging a cover-up, said the delay in the investigation means prolonged distress for her family, especially as Dorset police told her it could be July before she gets further news.

She said: “They (The IPCC) say Dorset Police murder squad (has) been assigned on the case to comb every detail from January, saying (then) they have to be on the case another six months. Obviously that’s going to delay Kingsley’s body being released. (This is) despite being told it would initially (be) six to nine months by the IPCC. That was back in April last year.”

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One thought on “Summer could come without Kingsley Burrell being buried

  1. Although we are talking about the most serious issues it seems that such cases are never ending with justice out of sight. What it takes to restore ourselves to a sane, humane society escapes me at the moment. We just keep plugging away. But justice is not optional!

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