Motion passed for UK’s extradition laws to be renegotiated

originally by: The Muslim News
published: 30 December 2011

A Parliamentary debate motion was unanimously passed on December 5 for the UK’s extradition laws to be urgently renegotiated to strengthen the protection for British citizens.

Many MPs called for any changes in the UK-US Extradition Treaty 2003 so that in effect, it will prevent the extradition of pending cases such as that of Babar Ahmad, Talha Ahsan and Gary McKinnon and several other men who have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights asking for their extradition to the US to be blocked.

The debate went ahead after the Backbench Business Committee’s u-turned on an earlier decision to refuse to list the third most popular e-petition [140,529 signatures] for a full House of Commons debate; instead the motion was been relegated to form part of a pre-existing discussion on extradition.

The motion reads: “That this House calls upon the Government to reform the UK’s extradition arrangements as a matter of urgency to strengthen the protection of British citizens: by introducing a Bill in Parliament to enact the safeguards recommended by the Joint Committee on Human Rights in its Fifteenth Report of 2010-12, and by pursuing such amendments to the UK-US Extradition Treaty 2003 and the EU Council Framework Decision 2002 on the European Arrest Warrant as are necessary in order to give effect to such recommendations.”

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