UN publishes race equality report

all credits: Migrant Rights Network

UN Committee on the Elimination of Race Discrimination (CERD) has published concluding observations following a review state of race equality in the UK over a three-day period.

Overall the report is a success in highlighting the concerns of civil society organisations about race equality issues in the UK today. It demonstrates that the lobbying efforts by the UK NGOs Against Racism and others in Geneva last month were well worth the effort.

To find out more about the UN review process, you can read MRN’s blogs with insights from the meeting in Geneva.
Particular issues in relation to migration, highlighted by the Committee’s concluding observations are:

  • continued negative portrayal of migrants and asylum seekers in the media
  • continues discrimination on the basis of national and ethnic origin at the UK borders
  • discriminatory impacts of the marriage visa restrictions in particular the increased age of spouse visa applicants
  • UK’s continued refusal to ratify the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their families

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