Few inmates aware of third sector bodies operating in their prisons, says research

originally by: Third Sector News
28th July 2011

Third Sector Research Centre survey finds only 5 per cent of prisoners have any contact with voluntary organisation. Only a small proportion of prisoners engage with third sector organisations even though a large number of providers claim to work with offenders, research has shown.

A survey of 680 prisoners in eight prisons in England by the Third Sector Research Centre found that 5 per cent of respondents had been in touch with any third sector organisations.

Only a quarter of the prisoners had heard of the organisations operating in their establishments, although there were 116 third sector organisations operating in the prisons in the survey.

A previous report by the TSRC also showed that nearly 20,000 third sector organisations had reported being involved in working with offenders across the country. The most common reasons for the lack of engagement highlighted by prisoners were that they were unaware of the service or felt that it could not help them.

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