Family issues appeal over Jason Pearce custody death

originally by: Shropshire Star
7th July 2011

The family of a Shropshire man who died in police custody showing signs of a rare medical phenomenon known as “excited delirium” warned more people could die being detained unless more is known about the condition. Jason Pearce, of St Georges, Telford, suffered a fatal heart attack in Sambrook Crescent, Market Drayton, on June 5 last year after being arrested and restrained by two police officers.

His family today issued a statement calling on the authorities to do more to prevent further lives being lost and said they believed more could have been done to save Mr Pearce’s life.

Excited delirium has been cited as a possible cause of death in a number of cases from around the world in which people have suddenly died, often while in police custody.

Jason Pearce’s uncle Dennis Pearce, of Wellington, said: “On behalf of the family, I wish to make the following statement following the inquest into the tragic death of Jason Pearce on June 5 2010.

“We fully recognise that drug toxicity played a key role in Jason’s death and we understand and acknowledge that Jason chose to take drugs on that fateful day when he arrived in Market Drayton. As a family we have never attempted to defend such action as people must take responsibility for their actions in life”.

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