Baby Father author: 'Cops must be filmed to prevent deaths in custody'

all credits: Voice Online
published: 8th April 2011

Police officers must be filmed to prevent more deaths in custody, says Baby Father author Patrick Augustus. Speaking with the Voice on April 6, Augustus, who also promotes positive black fatherhood in the UK, said: “Every time the police go and make a raid… they should have their cameras so that way none of us is in any argument.”

Augustus, a friend of reggae icon, Smiley Culture, who died under controversial circumstances in police custody last month, said: “Even if just the family can see it (the video) that would be fine.”

He added: “They got it for TV shows but they don’t have any camera when someone dies. It leaves room for conspiracy. I would like to see a change personally in the law where it’s mandatory that anytime police are going to arrest people, bring the camera (then) the argument done.”

Augustus also said police officers should not be allowed time to “collaborate” their stories. “We (the public) don’t have a chance to collaborate our stories but as for the police, they can collaborate their stories for as long as they want. They are allowed to talk to each other after a serious incident has taken place. I think that should be changed,” Augustus told The Voice.