Warrant for officer in child’s killing

by: The Michigan Citizen
13th March 2011

Nearly a year after the shooting death of seven-year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Michigan State Police requested a warrant, March 3, for an unidentified officer in the child’s killing. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office says the warrant request is for “an officer,” but has refused to provide a name or details regarding the investigation.

“We have not released the name of the officer,” says Maria Miller, Wayne County prosecutor spokesperson in an e-mail to this newspaper.

“We receive investigator’s reports with supporting documents for all Wayne County police involved shootings,” Miller said. “It is our routine policy to conduct our own separate investigation once the information is received. When that process is completed we will release further information.”

Miller said the Prosecutor could not give an exact date when the review will be completed in the Aiyana Jones case.

“The warrant package that we received is the result of a nine-month investigation by the Michigan State Police, which contains hundreds of pages of reports and a great deal of evidence,” Miller said. “It is important that we take the time that is necessary to thoroughly and carefully review the matter. When the process is completed a decision will be announced.”

On May 16 of last year, Aiyana Stanley-Jones was shot and killed during a Police raid on her home on Detroit’s east side. Within hours, Detroit Police Officer Joseph Weekley was identified as the shooter.

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One thought on “Warrant for officer in child’s killing

  1. This is just heart-rending, how awful, how can a parent get through such a thing? It is just unimaginable.
    I hope that some kind of justice is achieve for this poor child.

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