Belmarsh prison deaths: Report reveals action still not taken

originally by: Bexley Times
3rd March 2011

Epileptic Godfrey Moyo, 25, who was on remand, died after being restrained face down on the floor at Belmarsh prison in Thamesmead, for approximately 20 minutes following a fit in his cell in January 2005.

The family had to wait more than four years for his inquest where they heard prisoner officers give evidence as well as GPs and paramedics.

But on Monday a report published by the Independent Monitoring Board revealed that Coroner Andrew Walker’s recommendations to the government have still not been implemented. This includes revising the national control and restraint guidelines across the whole prison service.

Lomaculo Godfrey, 36, a nurse from Middlesex, said: “This just goes to show that they don’t treat prisoners like humans. They just don’t care.

“It shows that what happened to Godfrey is not important to them and neither is the welfare of other prisoners. They have not learn their lesson and the prison officers at the inquest showed no remorse.”

Last year the board members said they were alarmed that training and procedures were only beginning to be put in place in 2009 after the critical inquest finding. Jurors at Mr Moyo’s inquest recorded a scathing narrative verdict which apportioned blame to the both nurses and prison officers.

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